Event Protection Services


When it comes to Show and Event Protection, here at On Security Protection Ltd, we take great pride in offering only the best. With experienced Protection Agents trained in handling all your event Protection needs, you can trust the professionals in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and securely.

From preparing the initial Protection details to wrapping it all up, our Protection Agents will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout. Find out more about the range of events we can cater for.

Our Protection staff offer a huge skill set involved with Event Protection, including:

  • Static and mobile Protection
  • Front House Protection
  • Crowd Management services
  • Emergency planning and evacuation procedures
  • Liaising with police and event organizers
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Drone Monitoring and Reporting
Responsibilities such as arranging Protection and emergency contingency plans and being first on the scene to provide first aid assistance make up only a fraction of the duties of our Protection Agents. Organizing the event entails that a number of issues are safely under control, including the number of people involved, the venue’s evacuation procedures, and custom designing your Protection Agents relevant to your event.

Additional Event Protection Services

As well as providing static Protection, we also offer CCTV and mobile Protection Patrol solutions. Monitoring for any suspicious activity, our CCTV systems and Drones will capture any potential dangers whilst our mobile Protection Agents patrol the site to make sure your property and guests are safe from harm. At GPC we understand that no two events are the same, which is why our protection packages can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Coorporate Protection

If you’re holding a corporate event no doubt you’ll want to give off the best impression of your business as possible. Often high-profile affairs with executive guests who will understandably expect the event they’re attending to be a safe one, it’s vital you can provide them with this assurance. With only one way to achieve this sense of Protection, it is imperative that you invest in unbeatable Corporate Event Protection which luckily for you here at On Security Protection we specialize in.

Our Protection Staff Offer Huge Skill Set, Including
  • Front of house Protection
  • Static Protection
  • Mobile Protection patrols
  • Emergency planning procedure
  • Emergency service liaisons
  • Evacuation mapping and method
  • Optional Till/Cashier duties
  • CCTV surveillance

All of our Corporate Event Protection Agents are trained to the highest of standards and are both experienced and specialists when it comes to corporate Protection. With an assessment of your venue and thorough pre-planning we’ll establish a Protection solution which will ensure there’s no room for error. From manned doors, perimeter monitoring and car park management our corporate event Protection Agents are prepared for any situation and have the skills to control such situations in a manner that causes minimum disruption to your event.

Working closely with you we’ll determine exactly what your requirements are and how we can assist you in ensuring your important function is perfect. So if you’re looking for a corporate event Protection Company that leaves nothing to chance then On Security Protection is the firm for you. Taking care of all of your concerns we’ll leave your mind and hands free to enjoy the occasion.

Security saving tips

  • Plan ahead. Think about the worst case scenario in situations, and be prepared for it.
  • Get to know your environment.
  • Wear body armour you may need.
  • Avoid faulty equipment.
  • Check any and all vehicles in your control.
  • Know your limits.
  • Be sure you have security accessories supporting you.

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